New Report Shows Upward Trend in Average Smartphone Storage Space

It is a common complaint among quite a few people to not really have enough storage space on their phones. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that this problem might just end up becoming a thing of the past. A report that was recently released by Counterpoint has revealed an upward trend in smartphone storage capacity, with average capacity crossing 100 gigabytes at some point last year which makes sense since the pandemic created an increased focus on tech and the like which various companies would have undoubtedly been eager to take advantage of.

Apple has generally provided a higher storage capacity on average, but the high asking price for its phones has generally made it an option that a lot of people avoid. According to the trends that are being seen, more affordable options are likely starting to overtake Apple, with Huawei in particularly being a standout example offering over 140 gigabytes of storage space on average on its various phones.

Samsung tends to trail behind a bit in this regard, with a number of smaller phone manufacturers surpassing its rather mediocre average storage capacity of around 100GB. This might indicate a paradigm shift in the industry, although Samsung does generally offer a lot of other features that might make its offerings a bit more appealing to various kinds of consumers.

Apple’s decision to downsize its storage capacity in its latest phone might have had a negative impact in this regard, and the rise of 5G might result in people downloading far heavier files which could increase pressure on tech companies and the like to offer a lot more storage capacity to various users. It will be interesting if Huawei supersedes Apple due to its superior storage, although Apple’s superiority in other areas might maintain its control of the market.

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