How the world of advertising affects products and which type of ads different generations are interested in

Advertising is one of the most important aspects in the field of digital marketing. We’ve seen this one take lead throughout the years and no other form of marketing has been able to beat this one. For any product to be seen and for it to get a spotlight, ads are the very first bases where companies work really hard in order to make their product stand out in the market.

There are so many benefits of ads, this field is the one that plays the most essential role in every business, and it’s the one that is important for both the manufacturers and the consumers. It helps any business to get the audience they need for a startup or even so to get the word around. There are various means to execute ads; these can be achieved through television, radio, newspaper, pamphlets, websites and banners. Each one of these means have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages and while putting an ad out there no matter through which stream, it is important to consider the merit and demerits of that way. The most important thing while selecting the means through one wants its product to get published should be to see where the ad will reach the most amounts of people. The very sole purpose of any business selling products is to earn profits from that. The field of advertising helps with that by giving the product that exposure that is needed. These advertisements help people judge products based on that, basically an ad of a product can literally make or break the profit levels. Now, for the main thing, what do people like to see in ads?

The generation that is literally ruling every field right now is Generation Z, which includes people of ages 16 to 24. Their opinions and interests matter the most. According to a recent survey of GlobalWebIndex, 42 percent of the people from Generation Z look for ads that have some sort of entertainment element in it and 40 percent want ads to give the best possible product information. While people from the Baby boomers generation aged 58 to 64, are least interested in entertainment and more on the product information. Individuals from Generation X having people aged from 39 to 57 are too interested more on the product information an ad can provide and less on the entertainment side, the same goes for Millennials as well that include people between the ages of 25 to 38. Some ads mention discounts or special offers and 43 percent of Baby boomers are interested in that the most, followed by the Generation X (40 percent) then Millennials (36 percent) having Generation Z (37 percent) the least amount of interest in ads mentioning discounts, but this generation is at the top for having to watch ads that relate to their interest. The concept of independency and individuality comes greatly from this generation and thus this may be the reason why they look so forward to ads relating to their identity. The rest of the generations are however seen to have the equal amount of low interest in this aspect. Ads that promote diversity and raise awareness related to any social or environmental issues are also on the top interest of Generation Z, followed by the Millennials, then Generation X and finally the Baby boomers.

The above information basically depicts how the world of advertising affects products and which type of ad can succeed well in the digital media industry depending on the type of audience that it gets reached too.

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