Bypassing Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature tested by Snap

Snap is the company behind one of the most popular social media app Snapchat. It allows the users to chat through picture or video messages. The message is available for only a short period time before the message or the snap becomes inaccessible. The company of Snapchat is very aggressive in making new updates and changes on the app and every day new updates are found by the users of Snapchat.

Snap has reportedly searched for new ways to bypass the upcoming feature of Apple that is related to the tracking transparency feature. The upcoming launch of Apple’s new iOS 14 feature is about App Tracking Transparency (ATT). This feature of iOS forces the app to ask for permission from the user before they will be able to track them.

Some of the Chinese companies and other tech giants have been trying to find a way to get around Appel’s App Tracking Transparency by using third-party data, even if the user denies the permission that is the feature of the iOS 14. The documents that are obtained by the Financial Times are showing that Snap is trying to gather all the information from third-party corporations and companies to look into whether have responded to advert campaigns or not. Snap started the “probabilistic matching” in which the plan is to measure the information that includes the IP address of the user instead of their personal information to monitor the records. This was confirmed by Snap, that they have been performing the probabilistic matching for several months to take a look at the impression of the privacy insurance policies of Apple. Snap also mentioned that they plan to change the program when the ATT feature of Apple is launched.

Snap also mentions that the social network won't be able to track users without their permission, however they wish that they might collect information on the same characteristics without breaking any privacy principles.

According to the reports, Apple has sent letters to the Snap and all the other China-based companies that are trying to get around ATT to track users without their permission. The letter supposedly warned the companies that this attempt will result in expulsion from the App Store. In February, Snap warned all the investors that the launch of upcoming Apple privacy changes can hurt the income of the company.

The feature of App Tracking Transparency has drawn outrage and critics from companies that are reliant on advertising especially Facebook. It claims that the new feature will hurt the revenue of the small and medium-sized business, however, Facebook has admitted that they have no other option rather than accepting the new privacy policies.

The new ATT feature that is related to the privacy of the users is anticipated to be launched in iOS 14.5 sometime in the upcoming spring.

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