Google Search Is Closing Off Its Questions and Answers Feature, But No Body Really Knows What It Is?

Google is statistically the most used search engine throughout the globe and it holds the answers to a lot of your queries and questions. The tech giant introduces new tools and features every now and then and sometimes after a while of working those features are closed down due to the company’s own specific analysis.

Something similar is happening to yet another feature of Google. Google has a feature which shows you full questions answered by old users to you when you post a direct question on the search. For example: if you post a certain query of yours directly in the form of a question, Google will show similar questioned asked by users on Google Question previously which are also answered by old users in the replies below so that it can easily help others users with the same query when they search for it.

The company made an announcement on its support page that after June 30th you will not be seeing this feature as it is being removed by Google for good.

However, nobody is really being bothered about this feature being removed unlike the times when others features were removed previously on any tech platform which were liked by people, and there are chances that you must be thinking why haven’t you seen this feature or did not know about this until today.

Well, the answer to both these questions is the same. This features seems to be restricted to only specific areas in the world and therefore it did not appear to the remaining population. A thorough research through this feature enlightened the researchers that the feature has been consistently appearing in India for over two years and therefore the people who were doing a little hand on research on this when changed their VPN to India and searched a direct question, the feature came visible to them. However, when posted the same question the same way just with the VPN set to where they were i.e. Texas found that the Questions and Answer feature did not appear.

The Q&A on Google section isn't the same as the somewhat automatic answers Google will display based on cached search data, like the answers in Knowledge Graph. And it isn't the same as the Questions & answers feature tied to specific locations in Maps, which is also answered by individual Google users (and which sometimes appears in the general Search interface). It isn't the same as the "People also ask" section, either, which just returns Google results for similar queries.

However, though this feature did not appear to a large part of the population, it did appear to a fraction of it and this feature was used by hundreds and thousands among those to whom it appeared and they had answered queries on the web and their data had been collected. To these people, whose data were collected Google is giving in opportunity as it usually does when closing off a feature for the people to save the data they've submitted via Google Takeout, in the Search section.

In case you want to save your contributions you will have to do it before June 30th 2021.

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