Instagram Is Testing Private Stories and New Live Video Features

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media application in the social media world and it has millions of users from around the globe. The tech giant understands the amount of people that rely on their platform for socialization and entertainment purposes and therefore the company works day in and out to provide their audience with the best possible features to attract more new users to the application as well as make the space a user friendly one for the already present users. In order to accomplish this trait, the tech giant is introducing two another new features which are definitely going to win the hearts of many.

The first feature, as spotted by InstaLeaks, that the social media giant is planning to launch is a PIP window for Live videos. What is a PIP? you must be wondering, if you do not know let us enlighten you.

PIP is basically a feature which allows users to open dual windows of the same screen at the same time. One window will be a smaller one in the corner while the other one can be a bit bigger than the first one.

This PIP feature that Instagram is working on is for the Live videos. How many times it has ever happened to you that you want to watch a Live video but at the same time want to scroll through your news feed as well, but considering how your Live videos take over the entire screen this is impossible to do. However, things are changing now because through this PIP feature the application will allow you to open the Live video you want to watch in a smaller window at the corner of your screen while you can scroll through your News feed at the same time. Instagramming made easy!

The other feature that Instagram is working towards is another addition to the privacy of your stories. Previously when Instagram introduced stories it could be seen by your entire following but then the application later worked towards it and introduced a more closed off feature called “Close friends” which helped you to form a list of people who you considered close and non-judgmental in most cases and then share the pictures or stories with them.

Now, the application is coming up with another addition in this list with a setting called “Private Stories”. While a lot has not been said on this feature, mobile developer expert and the guy who’s known to break through all the hidden unlaunched features Alessandro Paluzzi took it to his Twitter to tell his followers that he thinks that these are stories that will be shared only with our followers (or maybe only with mutual).

However, nothing of this sort can be confirmed until Instagram itself verifies and we all are waiting on that. If you are wondering why these features are not available to you that is because they have not been launched by the company yet and they are still under testing conditions. Considering how at times Instagram has managed to cancel off features before they made their debut, you should not be too sure if these two will be making an appearance as well.

But we hope they do because these two seem to be some really great features.

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