Twitter Spaces Being Tested for Android Beta Users Which Allows You to Hold Clubhouse Like Chats On Android Smartphones

Clubhouse since it has been launched has been on a hot roll, considering all the popularity it has gotten for being the best audio conversation only application with big names like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg joining conversations on the platform, but one thing the platform currently lacks is that it only operates on iOS as of now and is unavailable to Android users.

Considering how when an application or feature gets popular other companies go on a mad rush to create a similar thing is what is happening currently with Clubhouse. Along with applications like Facebook and others, Twitter is also bringing a similar clubhouse like feature to its Platform called “Twitter Spaces” and news has come around that the company has been slowly integrating Spaces into the beta version of its Android App. Including some users who were able to create spaces yesterday as a part of testing for the launch.

In order for you to create a space, you will have to tap the main Compose button, then select the new Spaces option at the top of the expanded list. You'll be asked to give it a name and invite other users. The application will also ask your permission for the accessibility of Twitter with the microphone, granting to which you will be able to hold conversations.

On the spaces chatroom, the room creator will be able to invite 10 more people to speak and this audio conversation can be broadcasted live to anyone if they receive a link to join the conversation irrespective of the fact that whether or not they follow the char creator or not. You will have to need a Twitter Spaces App on iOS or Android to operate these functions.

The feature seems to be very advanced with a number of tools for the users to operate it. The host will have the option to kick people out of the chat rooms or mute individuals himself while the speakers can mute themselves manually too which is a great option, as to allow other people to speak without disturbance. The host can invite listeners to become speakers, and listeners can request permission to join the conversation.

The speakers and listeners can also display a small selection of emoji’s each representing something different over their avatar in case of non-audio conversations.

One thing the host should take under consideration is that until you manually end the chat yourself, your phone will not stop recording it despite you shifting to another application. You will have to turn the conversation off in order for it to end and for people to stop hearing you.

Clubhouse has shown a great response to it up until now and its only hole in the picture was not being able to support Android devices and that is what gives other applications like Spaces to move over it. But if Clubhouse comes up with its Android version soon, do you think they will be on the top tier again? Let us know your thoughts on this.

H/T: 9To5Google.

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