40 Percent of Mobile Devices are Prone to Cyber-Attacks, Check Point's New Report Reveals

Recently, Check Point (renowned security firm) published its Mobile Security Report 2021. It goes without saying that the report was packed with some eye-opening findings relevant to cyber-attacks executed in 2020. The report stated that 40% of all mobile devices are prone to cyber-attacks.

Moreover, it was brought up that about 97% of companies worldwide dealt with mobile threats that utilized several attack vectors. Not to forget that at least one employee in 46% of the companies reportedly downloaded a malicious application on their phone.

With the rise of COVID-19 and the expansion of the work-from-home culture, the attacks on people’s personal gadgets (used for professional reasons) have been increasing significantly.

The same report also stated that nearly every company witnessed at least one smartphone malware attack last year. 93% of the said attacks stemmed from the mobile’s network.

It was mentioned above that about 40% of all mobile gadgets are at the risk of becoming a target of cyber-attacks. It’s interesting to note that many of these devices could evade the aforementioned risk if their chipsets could be repaired.

If the above-mentioned findings didn’t sound alarming enough, it was also reported that a 15% surge in banking Trojan activity was witnessed last year. These activities made it easier for the attackers to steal sensitive information such as individual users’ banking credentials.

Moreover, apps spreading fake news pertaining to the pandemic have also been found to be packed with malware. The malicious actors have been keeping themselves busy over the past 12 months by rolling out mobile malware. Furthermore, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) teams are executing well-planned and targeted attacks to monitor users and steal confidential data.

It’s been predicted that over the next three years, about 6 out of 10 workers will be operating from home. So, expect cybercriminals to take full advantage of this fact. Also, Check Point found out that malicious actors have come up with a new attack in which they exploit a leading company’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) system to spread malware to over 3 out of 4 gadgets it manages.

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