Google Meet Updating to New and Smarter Features Next Month

Since half the world is under the implementation of a lockdown most of our work and studies have moved online in order to maintain better social distancing. Tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Meet are being used to conduct online lectures and video conferencing and all these apps are trying to improve themselves in order to get the most working going and to gain the most revenue.

Google Meet decided that it was high time to bring about some changes in their website considering the testing times and the demand for online lectures and meetings and hence Google is refreshing its Meet user interface next month for desktop and laptop users. The new updates will include various changes which will include improvements to video feeds, how you view or present meetings, and the navigation bar.

One new change that will soon be appearing on Google Meet is that you will be able to minimize or hide the box showing your face on the screen entirely in case you do not want to see it as well as the new option will provide users with the ability to place their own video in the grid of meeting participants, or a floating picture that can be resized and repositioned.

For presenting on Meet, Google will now provide participants the option to pin and unpin tiles. This means that users can pin a presentation tile for displaying it to the others users and can also later unpin the presentation tile which will automatically minimize it to the same size as the grid screen on which meeting participants are displayed so you can see more people on a call or figure out if people were impressed by your slick slide transitions. In this new feature Google Meet will also allow users to pin multiple videos at the same time.

Changes on the bottom bar also being made and options like chat, attachments, and the participants list will all be placed at the bottom at a single place to ensure there is more space on the screen to see people and whatever is being presented during a call. Google Meet is also moving the end call button away from the options of camera and microphone to ensure that the call does not end while trying to mute the call or turning the camera on and off which has happened a lot of times in the past.

One really great feature that was previously only available on Google Meet for mobile is making its way on the web version as well which is the light adjustment facility and will be launching in a few weeks. This feature will adjust your webcam video to a proper lightening in case you are sitting in the dark room, similarly if you are in a very bright room it will adjust your lightening moderately as well.

Google Workspace which is a paid feature for subscribers on Meet will also have all these feature along with other features designed exclusively for the paid users. It will have a new auto zoom feature, in which the camera will follow you around where ever you move in the room and it will be easier to conduct meetings while moving around explaining things on boards and charts. Google is also adding video background replacement to Meet in the coming weeks, allowing you to pick between a classroom, a party, and a forest to replace your background. More video backgrounds will be available in the future, too.

Google has always provided the best of features to its community and we are sure these new feature will be top notch too. The tech giant has a lot in store for us and we cannot wait to see what else it comes through with.

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