Android 12 is now capable of stop bothering you about using apps to open web links

Picking the right default apps for programs including email and navigation enables to customize the device, which has always been one of Android's strongest points. Google plans to improve the process of accessing direct links in the next significant update. It might look like a minor change, but the recent update to website linking in Android 12 Developer Preview 3 (DP3) contributes greatly to make the operating system works faster.

In general, these latest validated connections could mean accessing from the web to an app on the phone faster. Rather than just being asked to setup defaults by Gmail or Twitter, Android identifies which app corresponds to the URL and skips the browser window entirely. This will get users to the content quicker without any disruptions for most users.

And if a user would like to keep those websites within the browser say, to prevent Facebook from accessing the app when a user tap on a restaurant's page in Chrome, they will have to go into settings and disable checked links for each app.

Whenever, a reliable version of Android 12 is released eventually this year, most users would find this to be a great improvement. If they do not like it when links immediately help direct the users to apps without notice, they will have to spend some time searching through settings to switch off the function.

With the latest default link opening feature, a user should no longer be able to encounter the frustrating requests asking about the app to open with the latest default link opening feature. Alternatively, each app will have a list of validated links that it will automatically open without prompting.

To prevent any app opening a link by default, then go to the app's updated "Open by default" section. The "open supported links" drop-down menu has been replaced with a global "open supported links" toggle, rendering the opening action. The (number of) validated links" replaces "Supported links," but the basic list remains largely the same.

The new actions and choices are a big change from how things have been on Android, but they will definitely help accelerate the process of accessing links around the operating system once they get used to them.

H/T: 9to5G.

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