According to a new report the world will own even more devices in 2021, as the tech world has recorded enormous sales due to the reason that people have started working remotely

COVID-19 has completely changed our living style and especially the style of our work, now people are bound to stay at home, therefore some other businesses and started to boom during the quarantine situation. For example, the usage of the Zoom app has never been as that much as it has the usage in a pandemic situation. Similarly, people cannot physically meet with each other so they have adopted the new way to connect with each other. Due to all these reasons, the tech world has seen recorded sales during these years. According to Gartner, this trend is not going to stop in the future rather it will increase to a great extent as in 2021, 125 million more laptops and tablets will be in used from all over the world as compared to 2020. One of the reasons could be the transformation of businesses from physical to online as many businesses have started selling their services online.

Gartner further said that the increase in the number of devices will continue to grow in the coming few years; the next year will also see a substantial increase in the usage of these devices. The usage of smartphones has also boosted, while the PCs are the ones which is taking a hit. The data shows that the world devices install base is on pace to touch 6.4 billion units in 2022, which is an increase up to 3.2% from 2021. While, during the quarantine situation, the usage of desktop PCs has declined as people are now mostly using smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Compared to 2020, the laptop and tablet will see an increase up to 8.8% and 11.7% while the usage of desktop PCs will be decreased from 522 million in the year 2020 to 470 million in the next year. One of the reasons for the sudden decline of desktop PCs could be the high prices which many people may not afford and the smartphones are not getting the latest technologies in which all the work of PC can be performed easily.

In 2021, the usage of the smartphone will increase up to 1% and it all happened due to the lower prices of 5G devices. People can use a smartphone from anywhere they want and almost every person can afford a smartphone while compared to PC, and it has become an important element of work and other daily life routines to communicate with other people and share important moments during social distancing. 4G and 5G laptops will also see an increase up to some extent in the coming years.

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