Google Dispensing With Traditional April Fool’s Day Jokes for Second Consecutive Year

A big part of Google’s brand identity has to do with the various small jokes that the company takes part in here and there. Countries get special homepages on their national holidays and the like, and significant scientific or historical dates also end up getting highlighted in various ways that tend to be both humorous as well as informative. One of the most iconic aspects of Google’s brand is the annual April Fool’s Day joke that the company pulls, with each year resulting in a new and creative joke that is usually received quite well and gives users a welcome break from the general chaos of the internet.

Last year was different, though. With the coronavirus pandemic raging all around the world, Google saw fit to avoid its traditional April prank in light of the seriousness of the situation. Since the virus is still doing a lot of damage and has yet to be eradicated or even diminished in its severity, Google’s global vice president in charge of marketing has ended up sending out a memo that discusses Google’s decision to forego it’s April Fool’s Day joke for the second year in a row.

This means that a lot of the potential jokes that people started seeing on Stadia are likely not going to be what we thought they were as well. Google has confirmed its decision, and in many ways it is a good one. A joke can bring levity to many dire circumstances, but this is perhaps the most significant event in recent history and it has certainly had a bigger impact than any other event in the past few decades. The fact that Google is taking it seriously will be heartening to some, although others might not think of it as all that big of a deal, but we really appreciate this step and hope that other tech giants will follow the same path.

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