Google is soon rolling out indoor Live View AR navigation along with a whole bunch of features on Google Maps

One of the most popular and widely used features that Google brought for its users was Google Maps. Launched in February of 2005, Google Maps has helped a lot of us lost souls out there (literally).

Google has recently announced a whole bunch of features that its is planning to roll out soon. One such feature is that the Google Maps will now include indoor Live View AR directions. The one thing which is making this feature different from all the other ones Google has come up till now its users is that this indoor AR navigation can favor eco-friendly navigation as well! When recommending routes to the users the Google Maps will be adding weather and air quality destinations too. The Live View is an AR feature that allows its consumers to see where the destination is by pointing the camera out to the surroundings and covering all the directions on the screen. To include this Live View AR feature for indoor navigation, it is reported that Google had to develop an entire new technology that is called ‘global localization’, the director of Google Maps in a press meeting said that this new technology has become the backbone of the Live View feature that is out available to the world today.

According to 9to5google this feature won’t be available everywhere but only on selected locations such as airports, malls and train/bus stops to help the users find out exactly where they are heading towards to. Google in a blog post said that if a user is trying to catch a plane or train, the Live View feature can help the user to find the nearest elevator, escalator, gate, platform, baggage claim, check-in counter, ticket office, restroom, ATMs and what not. The arrows along with the directions will make the user go the right way saving a lot of precious time as well. This feature is available to some users in a number of malls in Chicago, LA, Newark, Long Island, San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle. Google has said that in the upcoming months it will be launching this feature to more shopping locations in different cities and countries.

Along with this, when a route will be recommended by Google, local weather and air quality data as mentioned above will be shown as well, Maps will also be showing more fuel-efficient routes when travelling by car. Many areas globally include low-emission zone to reduce emissions and CO2 levels. Google Maps will also soon inform if a specific route leads to a low emission zone and then will also provide with an alternative route if the vehicle is not suitable for that. This is launching soon, in June of this year in many countries including Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain and the UK.
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