Getty Images is acquiring Unsplash, the dominating free public domain images hub

Getty Images, a leader of the world in visual communication is entering into a definitive agreement to acquire Unsplash, which is the preeminent image platform for worldwide creators. Getty image will fund this acquisition from its existing source of cash balance and this transaction will probably take place at the end of the month. Unsplash powers the creativity of more than millions of users as almost 100 million images are downloaded by these users each month through the website of Unsplash and thousands of partner assimilation via the Unsplash API. In a blog post, the founder of Unsplash, Mikael Cho said that it will continue its operation as an impartial brand inside Getty image and the free content of photos will not be altered.

Unsplash was first introduced in the year 2013 as a simple Tumbler blog with many free photos which users can download and since then it has become a popular website where photographers can upload HD resolution images to the platform. Unsplash encourages downloading such images and you can even use these images for any purposes without any ascription. However, this platform was a bit controversial for some photographers because of the input of lower pay rate of photographers and the level of photography as well; therefore it was being acquired by Getty images. Both Getty images and Unsplash has announced this acquisition on their websites. Many people were thinking that Unsplash will have to change its image policy but according to the founder, this acquisition is not made to shut down this company, rather an entire team of Unsplash will continue to work from their respective positions in the company.

This main change Unsplash will get is broader experience and resource of Getty images which can help a lot to carry out new plans to create the world’s most valuable visual asset library. Together they can find many ways to grow faster and they can even collaborate with many brands and they can give more chances to the creative talent as Getty images have more than 425 million paid photos and video from world’s top visual professionals, award-winning creators, and there are almost 2 million photos on Unsplash which are free of cost due to which it has become controversial because many people think that it is ruining the industry, but, still, many creators find Unsplash useful. Cho said that Unsplash and Getty were having a discussion with each other since the year 2016 and Unsplash was not even confirmed that Getty will acquire the business after understanding our nature of business. But many things have changed with the time.

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