Google is rolling out Stack; an app that can help you digitizes your personal docs, receipts, and other documents lying in your house and you can automatically save these documents into Google Drive

Google’s area 120 has introduced an app called Stack that will borrow the technology underlying the search giant’s influential DocAI enterprise instrument for the analysis of the document. Through this project, you can digitize your important documents, your takings receipts, and other documents that contain your valuable information lying in your house, you can automatically save this information into Google Drive, in this way your important and personal information will get lost, and this app will suggest you a name for your scanning and the right class. At the introduction of Stack, this can handle scanning a wide range of documents such as utility bills, the invoices of shopping, and even you’re personal ID card while the information of these documents will be converted into PDF and then organized and the important information from the file is comprehensive through the usage of AI technology.

The ultimate result of users’ document scanner app for Android that Google has said that it will widely improve over your normal mobile-scanner by auto-categorizing documents into titular stacks and it will allow full-text search via the content of the document not from just the heading of the document. The main concept of Stack was created by Christopher Pedregal, who was the co-founder of edtech startup Socratic which was also purchased by Google back in the year 2018. At Socratic, through the usage of Google’s computer vision and to make the language very easy to understand for everyone, Christopher said that if we could use the same technologies and knowledge to make the understanding of the documents easier.

This app can use Google’s biometric authorization on Android so that you can keep your personal document more secure behind the face and fingerprint scanning to open the software. This app will automatically create fields for scanned bills so that you can fill u the details in the bill like due date and other information. To experiment with the new idea, the worked in a partnership with Matthew Cowan, and before that both work on DocAI, which is a group on Google cloud that was involved in making AI technology, which has the capacity to analyze more than billions of document at the same time. Both found out that they can use this idea in the personal data or documents of users, which resulted in Stack. This is now available for Android users, you can take the picture of your personal document and the app will automatically give the name to it into the right category, for instance, bills, degree, IDs, immigration, etc.

The people can even add multiple documents, the stacks will OCR all the personal information in the documents, however, this is not a new idea, as it has seen that Microsoft has offered Office Lens for many years and Stack will help you out extract important information.

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