Microsoft Edge adds a nifty Kids Mode for safer web browsing, that its competitors should replicate

Earlier, Microsoft Edge has introduced a variety of features for its users to improve their browsing experience and it has now become the second most popular desktop-bowser after switching to Chromium that is the same which controls Google Chrome browser. Microsoft Edge has now introduced a Kids Mode under parental controls in which parents can have the complete details of what their children are doing on the browser and their children will be able to open few websites according to their needs. For instance, educational and entertainment websites, etc. Google Chrome has already introduced a family link app in which the parents can manage their children’s activity on the Chrome browser and it is very important for kids so that they can also be protected against scams, harassment, etc.

This Kids Mode is now available to Microsoft Edge users both on Windows and on macOS, the basic aim to design this Mode is to let parents give their children access to the browser at the age of 12, but in a safer way so that they can increase his knowledge and get the information about the internet in the early stage of their life while keeping the browser useful for others who also use that computer. The parents can add the profile details of their children who are under the age of 5 and 8, or 8 and 12, and put some restrictions on their activities, in this way, their children can browse safely under their control. As everybody knows that internet is now a part of their study so it is important to give access to your children but in a restricted way so that they don’t deviate from the right path.

Both ages ranges from 5 and 8, or 8 and 12 turn Edge browser’s setting to the highest tracking level as well as keeping the Bing safe search at the uppermost filter for adult photos, text, and other videos. Keeping in view the needs of children, Microsoft Edge has set 70 popular websites for children on that allowable list by default; however, Parents can also set some websites on the allow list. This Kids Mode will surely provide peace of mind to parents when they provide a protected online environment to their children. This mode has also disabled some of the keyboard shorts that can bring children back to normal browsing activities. This version will require system credentials to get back to the normal browser so that an adult person can use it.

Microsoft has also added some of the features besides just blocking different websites; it has also added some custom themes created with characters from Disney and Pixar films. This mode can become a game-changer for the parents and also for the company.

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