For the mental health awareness month, Pinterest has introduced initiatives to help combat these issues and spread awareness

The COVID-19 pandemic has for sure brought great impacts on everyone’s mental health. A survey was conducted by the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and they found that over 42% of the people who participated in the survey have either anxiety or depression symptoms. Searches of mental health have also increased to 2.5x last year and now everyone in the world has been prioritizing their mental health more than ever. By keeping all this in mind Pinterest has announced a whole range of new features and tools that are developed to address mental health issues.

Pinterest is set to invest $10 million in the coming year to fund mental health organizations to increase awareness related to mental health and to come up with advanced initiatives that can help more people who are suffering from mental health issues. According to the social media platform, this is just the first step in Pinterest’s commitment towards an issue as sensitive as this and the aim of the social media platform is to be one of the biggest funders for mental health issues in the United States. According to news, Pinterest is also planning onto add a new separate tab related to mental health related content on its Today Tab which will feature its mental health resources.

Along with this, Pinterest is also partnering up with #HalfTheStory and is donating ad credits to the organization to encourage the users on the platform to learn more about the organization and the things that it stands for. To raise funds for its Social Media U teen focused program that can direct the users to the sources that are specifically for these topics including how to remain safe online. The founder of #HalfTheStory, Larissa May wrote in a blog post that the dedication Pinterest has towards this is up for appreciation and shows how much issues like these are actual responsibilities of these social media platforms. This campaign will help people to get help through the content. All the funds that will be raised through this campaign will go in to support the Social media U to encourage healthy relationship of teens with technology and the internet as most of the mental health issues generate through online toxicity.

Pinterest has always been an app that is known to be filled with nothing but positivity and with the perfect aesthetics. This is the only app now that does not function any toxicity on its platform and is a safe place for everyone who uses it. Since its campaign, searches for ‘mental health challenge’ and ‘mental health check in’ have increased a lot and also for ‘medication’.

With the current situation, such initiatives by the platform are very much needed and others should adopt such measures as well.

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