To provide a browser-inspired experience, the Google Search app for iOS now has a grid of Tabs

Google search app on iPhone and iPad allows user to access Lens, Search and Discover feed. For search and discover, Google has already plotted a vast user interface. Now Google has designed a grid version of tabs for iOS search app that seems to provide experience similar to that of browsing.

Users can discover on the search app’s home section, whereas, Collections allows users to save pages, images, and locations discovered on the web. Over the past couple of years, "Recent" has been the last category to show searches and results from the previous week. On Android, the display is still available, but it has been deprioritized and is no more accessible in the app's bottom bar.

That specific page has now been labeled as “Tabs" and presently displays both Discover and Google Search "Open tabs." When anything is searched on browser, a New Tab will be opened rather than a recommendation to start a New search. While the interface remains largely unaltered but this new conceptual design of "Tabs" would appeal to a wider audience. Not just that, it also makes the Google app look more like a browser. Users could now "Search or type URL," and can use the text-to-speech (TTS) Read Aloud function to listen to sites and "Add to queue. Whenever people are accessing the website, the bottom-right corner displays the open tabs and allows the user to easily swap between them.

One can choose how long pages remain open before closing automatically by changing the previous settings. The setting let the user to keep the page open for 1 day, one week, month, or never before it will be automatically gets closed. Tabs are being added to the iOS Google app in a server-side update, but version 157 is already available on the App Store.

The grid version of the tabs allows user to experience better way of browsing. The tabs are collected in a grid to make it easier for users to access anyone of them without searching separately.

H/T: 9to5G.

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