Apple was called one of the Time's "Most Influential Companies" in 2020 for its remarkable products

The Time Magazine has recently published a yearly list of “100 most influential companies.” This year's lists include groups such as "titans", "disruptors" and "innovators". For focusing entirely on defining products, Apple has won a position in the list. Apple has made onto the list because of the ground breaking products it has been releasing for years. Every product of Apple shines in the market soon after its release.

Apple is included in Time's new 100 Most Successful Firms list in the category of leaders, highlighting its remarkable sales of Mac and iPad in 2020 during the times of the pandemic. The transition to 5G with the iPhone 12 lineup, the introduction of Apple Fitness+, and the change to Apple Silicon with the first M1 Macs are all outlined by Time Magazine.

Apple made a successful $111 billion throughout the holiday season, due in part to an increase in online work and education, which boosted Mac and iPad demand. And that's just one way the Cupertino, Calif.-based group, headed by Tim Cook, was able to violate momentum in 2020, surprising both the market as well as its alleged collaborators.

Apple unveiled a new Mac range, amongst other things, with a proposal to swap Intel processors in its own Apple products built on its smart phones. It introduced new iPhone models that matched up to the 5G-enabled market, as well as supports latest initiatives like Apple Fitness+ to encourage people stay active being at home and also to give tough competition to other fitness companies namely Peloton.

According to Time Magazine, Apple is not holding back due to the antitrust pressure as it keeps on producing innovative quality products like its AR/VR headset and Apple Car. Apple, like Google and Amazon, has come under fire for supposedly anti-competitive activities in recent months, but anti-trust litigation and protests in the United States, the European Union, and worldwide haven't blunted the company's desire for growth. Apple is reported to be looking at new product lines including virtual reality glasses and talking to automakers about a future Apple-branded self-driving car.

This year Time100 list does not rate companies from top to bottom; instead, it showcases the most prominent companies in five major fields. As usual, Apple sets the bar high each time and manages to get on the list within specific category.

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