Facebook is experimenting with new topic targeting options within Facebook In-Stream videos

Facebook through every way is trying to create new options for advertisements for its In-Stream videos on its platform and on Instagram as well. Most of the changes that we’ve seen until now are on Facebook Stories and Instagram Reels. The new topic targeting In-Stream videos will allow various advertisers to make their ads gets included on only specific video topics through Ads Manager that will be powered by machine learning. Facebook when announcing this in a blog post has said that the topic targeting will at first include only 20 topics like sports and 700 sub topics like basketball, baseball, golf or swimming. Through using the machine learning technology it will be much easier to classify videos that are eligible to make sure that they meet Facebook’s safety guidelines.

Facebook has revealed that around 2 billion people watch these In-Stream videos on the platform every month and about 70% of Facebook In-Stream videos have ads which are viewed completely all around the world. The social media giant says that by adding a Facebook In-Stream campaign to Feed and Stories will lead to a media increase by 1.5x in ad recall and a 20% decrease in cost. The topic targeting will give advertisers the exposure to a new variety of content through which they can decide on what niche their campaign will fit the most in. An example given is such that if a baseball bat company wants to place its ad, the company can now do so in content that is related to baseball, and through this way they can actually get their stuff across to the people who are actually interested in it. The vice president of Facebook’s global business group Carolyn Everson has said that through this Facebook will be giving quiet a competition in the marketplace, and that this should not be taken lightly as stuff like this makes people excited the most.

On its efforts in the advertising business, Facebook is also introducing ads on Instagram Reels after testing it in Brazil for nine months. The social media giant has also introduced sticker ads which is a very unique initiative. The sticker ads will be just like normal stickers through which people can also buys stuff by just clicking on the stickers. All of these efforts by Facebook will not only benefit the company but will also provide a new platform for different brand owners to come out there and introduce their products to everyone with the help of the much attractive and interactive features that the company is launching.

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