TikTok is introducing some new measures to help solve issues related to the COVID-19 vaccine and motivate people to take them for the World Immunization Week

TikTok is an app that was first launched only for entertainment purpose but now the app is doing much more and is trying to utilize its platform that has become one of the most used platforms to date for a greater cause. For the World Immunization Week TikTok has announced new measures to increase awareness and motivate people to take the COVID-19 vaccine. The very first measure that TikTok has initiated is to encourage its users to share with everyone why they are taking their COVID-19 vaccine with the hashtag #VaccinatedFor in order to help others understand why taking the vaccine is the most important thing they can do right now not only for themselves but also for everyone else around them.

The #VaccinatedFor hashtag will make it to the social media app’s Discovery web page throughout the World Immunization Week and all the users who have shared their reasons or tales will also be featured there. TikTok is also partnering up with NowThis which is news platform related to social media only, and they will be launching a brand new five part collection which will be called ‘VIRAL’. The main goal of the collection is to teach everyone the science behind the vaccine and to shut down the rumors that have generated since the release of the vaccine.

The Director of the Department of Immunization Vaccines, Katherine O’Brien will be hosting a live stream on the app along with the Biologicals of the World Health Organization soon on April 29th, where they will be replying to the most frequently asked questions related to the COVID-19 vaccines and solve all the issues that arise because of it. TikTok has even issued a statement regarding this and has said that they are trying their level best to entertainment every issue and concern that has come related to the COVID-19 vaccine and address them in a manner that is understandable to everyone and that the platform is taking strict measures against videos that come on the app containing misinformation related to the vaccine within the span of 24hours. The social media platform is making some huge investment to develop new detection mechanisms which will work to close the gap and improve the working of the app on a much larger scale.

The social networks that can help a lot in certain issues have also had negative impacts with the COVID-19 vaccine as these very same platforms were used for the misinformation of the vaccine so it is important for these social media platforms to come up with strong measures that can rectify these impacts. TikTok is mostly filled with an audience that is from the younger generation so such measures will greatly help with what the app is trying to achieve.

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