Facebook has expanded one of its available features to make sure that the users can get more options for transferring their data on other networks

Facebook is coming up with a variety of new features to allow their users to get more comfortable with such features and thus, in turn, increase the social network's usage. The new features which Facebook has recently released are said to be developed in a way that can work to be more practical for the users. The social media giant will now let users to export their notes and posts to other several apps and sites such as WordPress, Blogger and Google Docs. Even though Facebook already allows its users to transfer their data including photos and videos to other apps like Dropbox, Backblaze, Google Photos and Koofr, having these new tools will basically provide more options to the user to store their data on. What makes this tool different from the previous ones is that Facebook has now allowed transfer of content that the user posts to other platforms and has not restricted this feature to photos and videos only.

This feature will be found on the ‘Your Facebook Information’ on the settings menu. To use these tools the user will then have to click on ‘Transfer Your Information’, this will provide numerous options for the user to transfer their data on any of the third-party app or site. Facebook has been trying to make sure that no matter what privacy of the user should not at all be threatened by any means, especially after the investigation Facebook is under in at the moment for the leak which happened on the app of thousands of users’ personal and private information. To make the data more secure, Facebook has installed a system where when to transfer something, the users will have to enter their passwords again and then only will the transfer begin. After entering the password, the user will have to select the type of data they wish to get transferred and the platform they want this information to go to, then by clicking on ‘Confirm Transfer’, all the data will be transferred to that platform.

After the privacy breach that occurred a while back on Facebook, this new tool will come in handy to ensure that even if a thing like this happens again in the future, the data of the users will not all be lost as it has been with this incident. With the help of this tool, users in the future can even delete their Facebook accounts without having to worry about their data and content from the platform getting lost.

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