Advertisers can now measure the impact of ads without being able to track Apple users ahead of iOS 14.5 launch

The Tech Giant Apple is all set to release its new iOS 14.5. This new update will hold a very important advancement that is App Tracking Transparency commonly referred as ATT which will make the app developer dependent on user’s consent before tracking them for targeted advertisements.

Ahead of making this new iOS 14.5 official, the company has decided to share a new updated version of “A day in the life of your data”. This document holds the data and details of two technologies used for privacy preserving ad measurement that can help the advertisers to calculate the impact their advertisements will have on users without being able to track them. This document also holds the details on how the targeted advertisements actually works as well as the auction and attribution related to the advertisement through advertising companies. The Tech Giant went forward to explain that the ad auction procedure is just a fraction of time thing and happens in an instant. Both the buyer as well as the seller exchange, collect and even use personal data / information for bidding the space and display ads. Apple further explained that ad auction is different from ad attribution. Ad attribution occurs when the advertising companies track the behavioral change in a user once the user has seen the advertisement that was targeted, in this way the impact can be measured. The two technologies needed to measure the impact are the SKAdNetwork and the Private Click Measurement.

The SKAdNetwork will let the advertising companies to know the numerical figure of the apps being installed after the user had seen the advertisement. This will give an overview on the possible impact of the advertising campaign however this will only give a measurement and will not share any detail related to the user or the device itself so the user is not being tracked by the respective company. On the other hand the Private Click Measurement for both iOS and iPadOS 14.5 can allow the advertising companies to record the impact of advertisements that can pave the way for users to a certain website and minimizing data collection through on device processing. It activates when a user clicks on a product on ads and the redirect will lead to a certain website related to that ad the user just saw.

Apple recapitulated that the iOS 14.5,iPadOS 14.5 and tvOS14.5 will not be available till the early spring however the timeframe for the release is not clear and as per the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, who in his recent interviews stated that the apps will be available in just a few weeks.
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