TikTok is all set to welcome more competition with the release of six new music video effects that will be rolled out soon

Of all the apps that have released up till now, TikTok can be said to be the one app that became widely popular fast. TikTok is a social media platform that was launched in September of 2016 by its parent company Byte Dance on both Android and iOS devices. The concept of the app is to make short videos of 15 seconds to one minute on different genres like dance, music, comedy, education and what not. The app has become a must in every device of individuals of all age groups. With the launch of TikTok and the fame that it was able to achieve in such short time, different social media apps too launched features that are similar to those we find on TikTok such as Instagram with its ‘Reels’, Snapchat with ‘Spotlight’ and YouTube with ‘Shorts’. So of course, this calls for a competition that TikTok now has with these different social media platforms.

To level up its game, it has been reported that TikTok is now going all out by releasing six new music effects for its content creators. One of the reasons why TikTok was able to reach this success in such short time was because of its different effects from which content creators were able to create content that was unique, interactive and meaningful at the same time. The different effects which TikTok has now introduced offer better visualization, interactivity, animations and more. The effects which are to roll out soon include, Music Machine which can offer interactive tools to allow the users to control the real-time rendering of loops on different music layers, Delayed Beats which will recreate the much popular freeze frame effect while also aligning the transitions to the beat of the music, Text Beats which will allow content creators to add in animated texts on top of their video that goes along in sync with the beat of any song form the TikTok music library, Solid Beats which will allow users to add visual effects that go in sync with the beat of any song and also Mirror Beats which will align display transition to go with the beat of the song taken from the TikTok library. The one thing that attracts the most is that all of these music effects can work with any song from the TikTok music library.

These unique and different effects are soon to roll out soon in the coming weeks for now the company has launched Music Visualizer. According to the company, this effect basically is able to create an animated retro green screen landscape and was added to TikTok’s Creative Effects column earlier and already there are about more than 28,000 videos created by the use of this feature. The Music Visualizer can work with any of the sounds that are there in the TikTok library and different content creators have been able to create content much better with this effect.

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