Apple, Google, Amazon: These are the most innovative companies over time

Boston consulting group has published a list of the annual ranking of the 50 most innovative companies across the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the working style of many companies, now innovation is a key factor in the success of the company as this pandemic has revealed the importance of innovation in tempestuous times. While the tech giant companies of the US still monopolize the first couple of ranks within the context of a lockdown situation, due to the pandemic situation, many pharmaceutical companies are also highlighted in the list of top 50 most innovative companies over time. Two companies named Pfizer and BioNtech have made a vaccine for coronavirus; therefore, they gained much popularity and successfully made their places in the top 10 in the list of most innovative companies.

This survey also identified strong regional distinctions in the innovation keenness of companies with China and the US on the top. However, if we take a look back in 2005, the technology and telecommunication sector were the top performer in the ranking since that year. While some of the most famous companies have maintained their position at the top of the list such as Apple, IBM, Microsoft, or Google.

Apple is the only company that has maintained its position at 1st in the list from 2005 to 2021, this company is also ranked at 1st in the most powerful company in the world with a worth of 2.1 trillion dollars. 3M is the consumer goods company which was at second number in 2005; however, Samsung took the second position in the year 2013, but now in 2021 Google is ranked second. We all know about Amazon because we have to do shopping online almost daily from this company and it at 3rd number in the year 2021. Then Microsoft comes at 5th number. Tesla is the only automotive industry that comes in the top 10 rankings of the most innovative companies. However, 8 out of 10 companies are from Tech and Telecommunication.

Samsung, IBM, Huawei, and SONY come in 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th while Pfizer is the only pharmaceutical company that has maintained its position in the top 10 due to the reason of COVID-10 vaccination. If we take a look at the top 10 rankings from 2005 to 2021, no other pharmaceutical company came on the list. While in the 2005 list, Procter and Gamble a consumer goods company ranked 10th. General Electric company ranked 3rd in 2005 while it went down in 2013 and could not maintain its position in 2021. According to the rankings of BCG, Siemens, LG, Facebook, Alibaba, Oracle, Dell, Cisco Systems, Target, HP, Johnson & Johnson also ranked in 11th to 20th position this year.

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