Influencer Marketing Growing Year by Year with Brands Looking for More Influencers to Promote Their Products

With newer brands making appearances in the online markets every other day, it has become very difficult for brands to keep up with the competition and also how they will market their brands to a wide audience. One of the most important things that brands have started doing over the years is take help from influencers on different platforms to market and promote their products and the results have been really positive in terms of brands growing through this strategy.

So if you are a brand who is thinking about influencer marketing but have not started yet, you better take the steps quickly.

But when one talks about digital marketing one question that surely rises is that what tactics are digital marketers seeing the most success with in influencer marketing, and how are experienced agencies looking to allocate their influencer marketing budgets this year in order to see how well the online brands will be doing the following year.

In order to find the answers to such questions, Linqia surveyed over 163 enterprise marketers and agency professionals, from a variety of different industries, to learn more about their use of influencers, and how they're looking to evolve their strategies in the year ahead.

The survey results found out that many online brands are planning to increase their influencer marketing budget this year because of the positive results and great marketing they received last year. The pandemic that started last year implemented a lockdown and therefore many people shifted to online shopping for their products.

This was high time for brands to let people know what products they are selling online and if the quality was good or not and therefore the brands took help from the influencer community. This underlines the fact that people on social media relate more to other people than they do brand entities, which is an important element to consider in your planning.

The next thing that Linqia found out was that brands took help in marketing strategies from micro influencers with a following between 5k to 10k instead of big celebrities because influencers with smaller audiences tend to not only be more cost-effective, but they can also have stronger connection to their communities, that they've built through more direct engagement and interaction. Hence they can make brands look more powerful and in return drive more sales towards the brands.

This year survey showed that 90% of marketers selected that they wanted to work with micro-influencers, which is an increase from the 80% that was observed in 2020.

The next thing Linqia observed was that many brands sent PRs to a total of 5 to 10 influencers at a time for brand marketing because this helps spreading the message over a broader pool.

The most common applications that were used for brand marketing and the selection of influencers doing the marketing was Instagram on the top followed by TikTok, Snapchat and then Twitter.
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