The head of Facebook ads was concerned that the company had exaggerated the scale of its target audience

In a long-running case, Carolyn Everson's emails state that the social media platform better start preparing for worst situations.

The recently published court documents claims that Carolyn Everson, one of the most important advertisement official at Facebook said that the social network will now have to "gear up for something worse" when it came to allegations that it overestimated the possible reach of its ads.

Started in 2018 and up till now, Facebook which is the largest social media platform has been battling a case in California alleging that the significant audience count which represent marketers the actual amount of people who viewed the ad, contained invalid and duplicate accounts.

Facebook claims that the figures are merely predictions, and that advertisers are only paying for real clicks and views, not for the potential reach of an ad.

Everson, the vice-president of Facebook's international business division, stated in an email in 2017 that the statistics clearly affected advertisers’ strategy, as per filings in the case that were uncensored over the weekend.

Everson predicted that the company is going to face a lot of criticism, there is no doubt that overstating the number of actual real audience they have in some demonstrations will have an effect on budget approvals. They must be prepared for the worst in this situation.

Two month back, some documents disclosed that the Facebook product manager, an in charge of potential audience wrote in an internal email that using the wrong data, the social media network had generated revenue they would never have achieved.

As per the filings submitted to the court in March, many other workers protested privately about the statistic, with one claiming that the present system in ad scope measurement and reporting is profoundly incorrect.

According to the new documents, Everson was evidently worried as single users were incorporated to handle different profiles in its possible reach statistics with reports revealing that Facebook hasn’t succeeded in cracking down the fake accounts that were indulged in efforts to undermine the 2016 US Presidential Elections.

Facebook claimed that the old emails are chosen to suit the defendants' version of history. They represent a group of people being assigned to work on an issue and then make suggestions to management.

In 2018, a resident of California owning a small-business filed a case complaining that despite of knowing that the potential reach figure was inaccurate, Facebook did nothing to correct it just to maintain its own profit margin.

It cites studies that found Facebook's potential reach in some US states and population demographics was higher than the real population numbers in those areas.

Even after the company made certain improvements to its possible reach concept earlier that year, a Financial Times investigation in 2019 reported similar irregularities in Facebook's advertising manager, an online platform that helps advertisers create campaigns.

H/T: FT.

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