Hiring Managers Now Also See Your Political Stances That You Easily Post On Social Media, Here Is How They Do It

While one may call it as “freedom of expression” but over the period of time as politics became more divisive, people too, on the other hand, have become more headstrong about their political opinions and can attack anytime if the other person doesn’t agree with them.

For now no one has been able to figure out why such a division started to rise up but one thing is for sure that social media played a huge role in it. Almost all of the platforms are built in a way that the algorithms automatically boost the reach of content which holds the potential to initiate an emotional response and as a result, we see more people commenting, sharing what they like/dislike, and increasing the engagement on that particular post.

As publications became more and more aware of the algorithms, they too in return started to incorporate the factor of provoking reactions as an essential part of their reporting - just to bring more people to their sites.

We have seen social media platforms talking against this trend but have they ever tried to do anything conclusive about it? Well, No!

All in all, if this shift had more bad impacts on the society, on the other hand, the result of this can now also actually make you know about the nature of someone’s personal political stances as what they share and what comment can be easily seen.

You can know your favorite uncle Jim's opinion on climate science and if you were to do more research then you can also even figure out his beliefs and approach in life. This overall, may not be very important for you, but hiring managers are now considering such factors before making the decision to hire a particular candidate or shortlist him.

Some may argue that what a person posts on the internet is their personal matter or that isn’t always the true representation of who he or she is in real life, but we all know hiring managers don’t only look for skills, they dig into personalities as well in order to know whether the candidate is the right fit for the team or not. Hence, as a result, checking up on applicants through posts and updates on their social media has become a new trend.

To explain the importance of the trend and entire perspective in detail, Sky Nova recently performed a survey with over 1,000 employees and over 200 hiring managers. The goal was to know how employers are using social media insights to know the political stances of a candidate and then what factors do they consider overall in making the final decision.

You can either opt to read the full report by Sky Nova on its blog, or you can only see the highlights in the infographic below.

Key Takeaways:
  • "Study found that a whopping 62% of hiring managers always or often checked a job applicant's social media profile."
  • "While the majority of hiring managers (57.4%) checked social media to get additional details about a candidate's professional background, the other content found also impacted their decision to hire."
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