Tool linking the Email addresses to the Facebook accounts

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms with millions of users all around the world. Though the tech giant has a massive following and provides it users with the very best but one thing the users of the platform have always complained about is the privacy issues and data leaks.

Over the years Facebook has tried its best to solve this issue and keep the privacy of the users intact but the latest video which was released by Motherboard shows that Facebook has yet again failed to secure the data of the users and has another privacy issue at its hands.

A new video released by the researchers shows that there is a new tool that links and let other users to view the Facebook account and the email addresses which are linked to that certain account. This tool allows the users to match the Email addresses to the Facebook accounts in bulk and links the Email addresses to those accounts even if the users chose to keep their information regarding the email address private and keep their information hidden from the public.

Hence, this privacy issue is causing the data leaks of phone numbers and other important data’s associated with the accounts on the platforms. A transcript was tweeted by technologist Ashkan Soltani in which it can be seen that the tool can link thousands of Facebook accounts.

When confronted about this issue a Facebook spokesperson said that they may have wrongly closed out the bug bounty report before referring it to the right team and that they trying their best to resolve this issue of the tool that is kinking the email addresses to the Facebook accounts.

Although, Facebook has been informed about this privacy and data leak issue yet no initiatives have been taken by the company to rule out this problem. Facebook has not taken any steps to prevent the misuse of this tool and if this tool linking issue is not resolved it can cause a massive disclosure of data that can be further used for evil purposes. This tool will help the hacker to obtain the information of millions of people who have an account on the platform and it is also said that this privacy violation can also cause the disclosure of phone numbers as well.

Therefore, Facebook should act to resolve this tool linking issue to secure the private information of Facebook user’s before any damage to confidential information of users happen.

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