Americans are ready to trust a smart assistant to entertain their kids in their absence but they are not ready to trust tech when it comes to their privacy

Most Americans want to entertain their kids in their absence or when they are not looking after their kids. There are many apps which work as an assistant just like Alexa. It is a smart virtual assistant which is controlled through voice. It has the ability to play audio, can control your smart home, can also answer your queries and engage your favorite services to keep you entertained. Amazon has made this product and says that it is your personal shopper where you can take it. Alexa is like software that powers your smartphone but without apps it uses skills. It is absolutely good for kids to keep them entertained when their parents are not at home. Now the main issue is Americans are much worried about their privacy.

According to a report, Americans consider the leakage of privacy is more dangerous than getting killed, as there are already many cases of privacy leakage on big platforms like Facebook, where the privacy of almost 533 million people leaked. So, now Americans are more conscious about the apps that they don’t track their data. Safewise, conducted a survey of 600 people in America regarding whether they are comfortable to trust the digital assistant to entertain their kids in their absence. The report showed some astonishing results in the year 2019, 21% of the Americans can trust Alexa a digital assistant to entertain their kids and after two years this percentage of trust even increased as, in 2021, 40% of the Americans can trust Alexa.

American thinks that the digital speaking tech lives with them, so, it can track their personal data and can keep an eye on their activities. In 2019, 38% of Americans said that they fear that this digital assistant is tracking their privacy, therefore they disabled this software. Keeping the data of users’ safe, Apple has also changed its privacy policies in the upcoming update of 14.5 where the advertisers can track the data of users only when the user permits them to do so. This fear of Americans is increasing a lot because two years after this percentage of fear has increased up to 45%.

Now, 45% of Americans do not want to keep this software on their devices. A pandemic could be one of the reasons to increase the fear of the parents because due to lockdown situation, parents are spending more time with their kids so, they don’t want the digital assistant to entertain their kids. Parents can also search for other online resources not programmed by Amazon to entertain their kids in their absence.
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