Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Amazon, Lenovo? Who Is Leading The Tablet Market

Apple is one of the biggest multinational international companies that produces many electrical devices such as mobile, tablets, and other electronic devices. Apple has been dominating the tablet market due to the great quality of the tablets and mobiles produces by the company. And now in this Pandemic condition, Apple company has launched another iPad because of which Apple’s iPad are now leading the tablet market.

Apple company has unveiled the latest launch that is the iPad Pro with an M1 chip and 5G connectivity. With all the new features that are in the tablet, it is the safest bet as it will rule the tablet market. This tablet is 50% faster and more powerful than all the other tablets. This iPad also provides other features such as extra storage options for the users. This iPad Pro is the new forerunner in the tablet market and its pricing ranges from $799 to $1,099.

The release of iPads in 2010 caused the sales of the tablet to increase and in 2014 there was a huge increase in the tablet market and the sales have taken off, reaching the highest points of 230 million units. But then there was a realization, and the mobile phones and their screen were made larger and larger which caused the users to question the purchase of the tablets. due to which the shipments dropped from 230 million in 2014 to 145 million in 2019.

But due to the COVID-19 spreading throughout the world, many businesses are schooling were shifted to online business and online schooling. This adaptation of people working, learning, and teaching from home caused an increase in the demand for the tablets. according to the data collected by IDC it was stated that due to the Pandemic the tablet sales have increased in the year 2020 as all the work has shifted to online sources. According to them, there was an increase in the selling of the iPad and about 164.1 million units were sold in the year 2020. This opened a new gateway for the Apple company and hence this caused the launch of the new iPad Pro.

The release of iPad and iPad Air in 2020 caused the shipment of 19 million tablets and this caused Cupertino-based tech giant to be the command of the tablet market by 36.5%. So it is safe to say that if the Apple company is leading and dominating the tablet market it will eventually cause an increase in the iPad sale.

Take a a look at below charts for more insights on a short history of tablets:
Graphics courtesy of Statista.

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