A new Immersive View is being introduced to make Zoom virtual meetings more fun

With the on going pandemic situation where things are still getting done online including the virtual meetings that are being held on Zoom platform. The video communication application became famous worldwide when many businesses started using the services provided by the app for their online web conferences.

These virtual conferences are not as much engaging as they used to be during in person meeting. That is why the developers are trying to make things more fun and user friendly while using this platform. This time the developers decided to go outside the box and introduced a new feature that they named as Immerse View. This new view will enable the host to arrange the video participants or the panelists in a single frame with a virtual background. This will bring participants more closer in a single scene so they can get linked and collaborate in a more united virtual meeting zone.

These new upcoming features were announced last year in October at Zoomtopia. Along with this Immerse View, many other new features including more set of emojis, new reactions and animations for nonverbal communication with an audio element such as the sound of clapping, participant box as well as the disappearing pen were also announced.

The host will be able decide the background and will have the authority to create a sensation for being in a boardroom, auditorium, class room or any other favorite place. The host will also be able to manually as well as automatically place the participants in the chosen virtual place. Not only this but the host can also move participants all around the screen and adjust the size of the visible image of any participant to make it look more natural. In the initial version of the application the host had the power to mute the participant as well as to allow and remove them from meeting similarly even in this new update, host will be able to undo and go back to speaker view anytime they want to. In the beginning a few background scenes has been provided but the host can upload their own view as well. If a host wants to share screen with other participants, at that time the Immerse View will not be available but as soon as the sharing screen will stop the feature will start working again. Currently the participant limit for immerse view is just 25 people .

While clearing out some of the frequently asked questions, the official Zoom blog website cleared that this feature will be available for Windows as well as MacOS clients and has been enabled for all the free and Pro single account with 5.6.3 or higher Zoom version.

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