Microsoft and Intel have collaborated to quickly and effectively detect and remediate cryptojacking threats for your Windows PC

Hackers, attackers, and criminals are using different techniques to steal or control our data; these cases are especially increasing during the quarantine situation when most of the people are working online. Now criminals are using a cryptojacking threat which means unauthorized use of another person’s computer to mine cryptocurrency and they are often organized through malware or compromised websites. The attackers have basically two ways to get a victim’s computer to covertly mine cryptocurrencies. One of the tricks which attackers use is deceiving the victim into loading cryptomining code onto their PC; this can be done through phishing techniques. The second method is to insert a script onto their website or an ad that is distributed to multiple websites, when the victim tries to visit the website or the infected ad comes up in their browsers, the script automatically executes. Hackers are using both of the methods to optimize their return.

Microsoft and Intel have planned to work together to address these issues, and quickly and effectively detect and protect your PC from cryptojacking threats. The new technology of Intel has the ability to effectively and accurately point out malware regardless of malicious code’s complication methods. Over the past few years, black-hat attackers have adapted cryptocurrency mining to earn money for themselves using other person’s assets through malware or phishing activities. This year, Microsoft has seen an upsurge in this activity, as fueled by the extreme upswing in the price of all cryptocurrencies. Now Microsoft will work with Intel to help remediate cryptojacking with machine learning and Microsoft defender for Endpoint. Microsoft mentioned research findings that code-mining malware attackers increased up to 53% in the last quarter of the year 2020 in comparison with the 3rd quarter.

Cryptojacking is the term coined for when an attacker installs a crypto-miner as a malevolent payload without other options like ransom ware. They think that this malware will be difficult to be pointed out; stomping out these malevolent coin miners is very hard as they can be affected and enduring. Now Microsoft and Intel have collaborated to launch a technology using silicon-based threats discovery at endpoint devices. Now the technology of Intel is combined into Microsoft defender for Endpoint. This addition will help to detect and protect the threats of cryptojacking. The technology of Intel will use machine learning to explore low-level hardware information from the computer to spot the malicious code implementation fingerprints. The threat detecting technology of Intel will have the ability to spot the malware executing on the computer even when it is cleverly hidden within visualized guests.

No doubt that this method will perform on Intel Core or vPro platform later to 6th generation so AMD users having no technology. Maybe Microsoft will work with AMD to create a solution to this issue. It is good to see companies are performing their duties to protect the users’ computers from malicious attacks.

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