YouTube’s ‘shorts’ TikTok clone with more than 3.5 billion daily views to arrive in the US, after a six-month beta run in India

TikTok has now a huge fan following where people are able to watch videos from 15 seconds to one minute. Similarly, YouTube’s short in rolling out in the US, where the users can watch and post the videos for up to one minute; they can watch the video by swiping up just like they do it on the TikTok app. This feature was the first to launch in India in the month of September due to the ban of the TikTok app which had a large number of audiences. Keeping the idea of TikTok, YouTube has decided to show a similar idea to the public in the US, so that all the users can shift to YouTube’s short.

Now people are more interested in watching short videos than lengthy videos, that’s the reason why TikTok gained much attention from the public, public can also put these videos on their status story. Any users from around the world who publish sixty seconds or under-vertical videos with a hashtag of shorts in the description of the video will have more chances to be viewed and distributed on YouTube shorts.

According to the report of YouTube, the numbers of Indian channels involved in the creation of tools have tripled since December. This means that shorts bring a large number of audiences to this platform; as still, it is receiving more than 3.5 billion views daily. Ads do not run yet on Shorts, nor they generate YouTube premium subscription revenue due to its latest release, but it is possible that ads will run soon on this platform which will get more income, and the revenue generation through subscription is also probable. YouTube has launched shorts in the US because there are a lot of people who fin the bar for creation too high that’s why there was the need for shorts so that people can shoot videos with nothing but their mobile phones. You can also like or dislike the short video and click the user name from the short interface to watch all the shorts from that creator just like in TikTok. However, the editor of TikTok offers a variety of options including music, different effects like slow motion, variable speed playback options, etc., but YouTube, shorts editor is now featureless in comparison because it is offering only speed options and music changes option.

YouTube is experimenting with different options as it launched a few years back YouTube Gaming live stream which was shut down due to some reasons after four years, now it has planned to show people short length videos which is hopefully a game-changer. Facebook has also followed the trend of TikTok on Instagram reel contents.

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