Twitter announced it will be expanding audio spaces beta roll out to Android users

Twitter first introduce the limited version of Clubhouse competitor for iOS users where any users of Twitter’s iOS app can listen and join the Spaces, but after this launch, many Android users were complaining that Twitter has left Android users behind. But, Twitter has made a big announcement that we have not left Android users alone, as they are now also able to join and talk in any Space. But, still, it has limited functionalities as the Android users can not able to create their own Space but let’s hope that this feature will be available soon for Android users.

In the last month where the team developing Twitter Spaces hosted a Space where many users were gathered to give their feedback, ask their questions and learn about what Twitter had in the works for the product in both the short and long term, during that live chat Twitter promised that it will launch Space on Android in March. The features of Spaces are also shared in public as they are designed, including things like support for co-host and moderator, the lists of guests, and many more. Twitter wants to boost the trend of audio social where people are enjoying these features. Jane Manchun Wong has also pointed out another feature where people will be able to create private spaces within the app that will maintain their privacy so that Twitter can bring more traffic to its platform in the near future. Twitter is also working on few Spaces updates including temporary space recording in order to report, updated reactions of emoji within the UI.

Twitter wants to beat its rival Clubhouse which is currently leading the social audio market. However, Clubhouse has remained iOS only with addition to the only invite. Further, expanding the options to more users could also increase the usage of its clone function, and will lower the interest of people to use the Clubhouse app. Twitter also has the advantage of large scale where broadcasters are able to reach a large number of users on the Twitter app. Therefore, Twitter has worked faster on Spaces than ever before to beat its rival. In the past the development pace of different features of Twitter was too slow but, now Twitter is trying to rectify it because it is the key opportunity to grab as many users as it can.

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