YouTube’s Version of TikTok Will Roll Out In More Regions in The Coming Weeks

TikTok has been the talk of the town or should we say world since the recent pandemic came. Going from a few thousand users at the start of 2020 to more than a million users in less than a year, leaving behind social media giants like Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat. Also having their copied versions made by Facebook’s Instagram Reels and Snapchat’s Spotlight is an achievement itself. Now YouTube, the video-sharing platform with more than 2 billion users has created something similar to TikTok called Shorts.

And as the YouTube chief product officer, Neal Mohan on Wednesday, said that the beta version of Shorts is currently running in India since September 2020 and they are planning to expand it in the United States soon. Also, they are trying to make YouTube TV an all-purpose in-home cable substitute, add customization and control options to YouTube Kids, and more.

Users will be able to create and upload videos of up to 15 seconds, with additional tools for adding music and adjusting clips together. According to YouTube, this feature is getting 3.5 Billion views per day, worldwide.

YouTube is planning to launch its SHORTS in the United States in the coming weeks. Also, you should know that the Chinese social media giant, TikTok recently boosted up their worth in the US after Joe Biden’s take over.

Moreover, YouTube is expanding their previously launched beta versions including the extension of its e-commerce shopping experience outside the range of the current limited beta. The creators have also allowed the service to monetize the content along with ads. And their revenue-sharing partner program (YPP) must have more than 4000 watch hours in the recent 12 months and other requirements like having more than 1000 subscribers etc.

Adding the capacity for parents to identify individual channels and videos for their children to have the option to watch on YouTube Kids

YouTube is also getting new features and playlist options for YouTube music. Reconfiguration of YouTube VR insight into more focused and better at navigation.

Another paid-to-add-on is being introduced to YouTube TV which provides the users with 4K web-based, DVR for offline playback options and limitless in-home streaming.

Facebook and Google have copied many other applications and features in the past including Snapchat stories, and recently the new emerging audio-only social network, Clubhouse.

According to India’s Economic Times newspaper, India has permanently banned TikTok as well as 58 other apps together with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and Tencent Holdings Limited.

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