Google has launched various features with Chrome 89 that includes a new Reading List, Tab Search and customizing multiple Google accounts

Google at the beginning of this year launched a new version of Google Chrome that is Chrome 88, and just recently Google has released the newest version of Chrome, that is Chrome 89 and along with that it also brings more exciting features for its users as always! One of the main features Google has brought with Chrome 89 is giving Google accounts a more modern structure and appearance.

We all are already familiar with the feature where Google lets one user keep multiple Google accounts in a single device, but with this new feature the user can maintain and organize profiles much more easily. The user can personalize each of their accounts by setting a theme, a custom background and different colors to help differentiate between those multiple accounts. Each new Google account opens up on a separate window.

Chrome 89 now allows users to sign in with their Google account in order to sync their bookmarks and passwords. This new Google accounts feature is available on Window, Linux and Mac devices that are running this latest version and is also available for desktop Chrome versions as well. When the user restarts Chrome, options will be provided to the user to whether switch between the already there profiles, create a new one or enter as a guest. Another feature included in this list of exciting features is ‘Reading List’ which basically allows the user to save something they want to read later by tapping on its icon on the left corner. The user will see this ‘Add to reading list’ option beside the ‘Add bookmark’ option. This feature also allow the users to sort through their items on the reading list, by marking them as read or to be read later and even deleting them when finished.

The ‘Tab Search’ is also rolling out with Chrome 89 in desktops, this feature allows users to compile a list of pages on all windows, and only five get displayed at a time. This feature will help the users from having an overflown browser. A feature that Android users were patiently waiting for is ‘Phone Hub’ where you can basically link your Android phone with Chrome to see notifications, recent tabs and other information related to your phone right from your computer. This brings default support for WebAPI which is a programming interface for a web browser. This helps to make controllers like keyboards work more smoothly and flexibly with Chrome.

Google never fails to surprise its users and these features will for sure prove to be a huge asset to each of Google Chrome’s users.

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