YouTube Reveals the Amount of Videos It Has Removed Which Contained False Vaccine Information

As soon as the corona virus had hit the world a lot of misinformation had circulated the internet and it was the biggest challenge for all social media applications to suppress the rise in the misinformation that was being spread and now with the availability of vaccine increasing throughout the world a lot of people are trying to spread fake information about the vaccination as well.

Social networks like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook all had worked towards stopping misinformation to spread on their platforms. Previously Instagram gave out a data about the number of posts it had removed which contained fake information about the virus and about the vaccine. After this YouTube has presented the world with its stats.

Before October, YouTube had general guidelines about the removal of videos which contained misinformation about the ongoing pandemic Covid-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic the video hosting giant had managed to remove over 800K videos from its platform which contained misinformation. However, those general guidelines did not indicate anything about the false spreading of the vaccine information.

With the vaccine being available throughout the world now the spread of fake information about the vaccine became a crucial problem worldwide and therefore all social networks had to take actions.

Six months ago YouTube had updated their general policies which contained information about the video removal of content containing misinformation about the vaccine but since the past six months YouTube had not updated about any removal. When questioned now, YouTube has enlightened the public that it has indeed been working towards stopping the spread of fake information on its platform about the vaccination and since the past six months the social media platform has managed to remove over thirty thousand videos which contained fake information about the vaccine and violated the policies the company has created for the users.

YouTube policies contain a specific set of guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and other authorities and anything apart from that will be removed from the application. In such crucial times it is very important that the right information reaches the people and it is saddening to see some people are purposely trying to spread fake information or downright calling the pandemic a fake event, but hats off to all social media applications which day in and out are working towards making an environment which contains the correct and true information for their viewers.

Photo: SOPA Images via Getty Images

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