Pinterest Efforts to Fight the Misinformation About the Pandemic and Its Vaccine

After the coronavirus pandemic, Pinterest, just like other social media platforms has made it its business to stop the spreading of false misinformation on their platform.

When Covid-19 had hit the world, a lot of people started spreading fake information about it either purposely or just things they have had heard and after that with the arrival of the vaccine misinformation circulated around it.

Pinterest is a platform which has been fighting fake information about diseases and vaccinations for the longest of times even before the pandemic began. They have been at forefront of reducing health misinformation and ensuring Pinners have access to reliable third-party sources for several years. The social media giant in 2017 implemented a policy which prohibited health misinformation on their platform so when Covid-19 hit, they were more than ready to tackle the misinformation circulating around it and its vaccinations.

With the pandemic now, the company has increased their efforts to fight the misinformation around the virus and its vaccines through pins and also has collaborated with multiple health organizations making sure that their public receives accurate, reliable information about the vaccine rollout.

Some efforts the platform has shown is that despite the increasing vaccine roll outs throughout the world, the social media giant has announced new partnerships and initiatives into its efforts which also include new information linked to COVID-related searches. This means that the company realizes that despite vaccines rolling out, the pandemic is still not over and we all should take the necessary precautions until advised and therefore it is reminding its audience about it as well.

Apart from this Pinterest has collaborated with authorities to promote educational content to its users. Whenever any Pinterest user will search content related to the vaccine of covid, Pinterest will be providing paid media to the Ad Council in support of its national COVID-19 vaccine awareness campaign “It’s Up to You.” Through this the Ad council will encourage users on the platform to learn the basic information about the vaccination because they believe self-education is the first step towards building vaccine confidence.

The company is also partnering with Association for Healthcare Social Media (AHSM) through which they will raise positive awareness about the vaccine and break the myths related to it and provide the correct information by highlighting information from AHSM in the story pins on Today’s Lab as well as it is also trying to offer paid media, creative resources, and support for medical organizations serving underrepresented communities by which they will be able to elevate and expand the third party covid related information on Pinterest.

It may seem like Pinterest is not a great source through which people will learn about the vaccine and its positive effects because not a lot of people use it as a news source. However, the application has over 459 million users on monthly basis and having such a large audience makes it their responsibility to carry out this act to help the world at such crucial times.

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