Facebook introduces a new monetization options for its creators including ads on short video clips to put more pressure on TikTok

Facebook is creating an opportunity for its creators to grow even further and earn a lot from this platform, this could also become beneficial for the platform to beat its rival on short video clips which are up to one minute long which is bringing more audience on its platform. Now, the creators can earn money from short videos clip which is of around a minute length and a creator can run an ad of up to 30 seconds. It is natural that people watch more videos where the length of the video is too short just like TikToks when you open this app you play more than one video, so there is more chance to increase the reach of an ad.

According to the previous options of monetization of Facebook, where you could show the ad to the audience after one minute of the video, and only those videos which are of 3 minutes or more can show the stream ads and now you can run an ad of 45 seconds on 3 minutes or more length videos. It may be possible that many audiences may not like it because they will watch a portion of the video in the form of ads and it is an earning option for the creators who are using Facebook as a career. TikTok is also trying to provide more monetization options to its users. Facebook is trying to bring all the traffic of TikTok on its platform, as people will be more interested in watching short video clips of Facebook.

One-minute videos are lengthier than Instagram Reels and TikTok videos, but those people making 30 seconds videos should not be bothered to make one minute of more length videos to make it monetize content and can earn money. You can extend your content as to make quality video and can earn money from short video clips.

Facebook is further planning to run an ad to the Facebook stories in the form of a sticker so that the creator can earn a portion of resultant revenue, however, Facebook is not providing the monetization tools for every creator but it is hoped that Facebook will expand its activity in the near future. It is also possible that these ads can also come to the content of the reel that can increase more engagement. If a creator wants to monetize its short video clips then he must have to qualify for this must-have 600,000 minutes viewed in the last 60 days and 5 or more videos are posted and which are not deleted. Facebook is making investments of $7 million in star usage so that more people can send stars to the favorite streamers. In the last couple of years, the earnings of the content creators have increased on Facebook.
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