YouTube boasts 120 million monthly TV screen users in the U.S

With the entire world locked inside their homes and no other way to kill time, social media was the only source of entertainment. Billions of people binge-watched Google’s YouTube, Netflix, Disney’s Hulu plus live TV, and Amazon prime and numerous others who have without a doubt really cheap monthly plans along with best quality video streaming which resulted in the immense growth of the digital platforms. 

Similarly, on the YouTube platform which includes YouTube and YouTube TV, the viewership skyrocketed in a year with 100 million in March 2020, To 120 million in December 2020.

"And there’s another interesting viewing behavior emerging. A new generation of viewers chooses to watch YouTube primarily on the TV screen: Also in December, over a quarter of logged-in YouTube CTV viewers in the U.S. watched content almost exclusively on the TV screen.", that is according to stats reveled by YouTube.

According to chief product officer of YouTube Neal Mohan, the update on growth in the recent year especially in the pandemic, new figures, and statistics related to YouTube television and connected TVs (CTVs), and new advertisement policies for the future advertisement trends that were seen in the past year will be done at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual leadership meeting on Wednesday 10th March.

Also for the first time, the advertisers will be able to use Nielsen, the data, information, and market measurement firm for the statistics of YouTube streaming viewership inventory on desktop and mobile phones.

“This is what brands have been asking for a long time,” Chief Product Officer, YouTube said.

According to statistics and data published by the United States Census Bureau, American spent a total of 791 billion dollars in the year 2020 only on YouTube, which makes it more than 30 percent from 2019. Also the CTV ad spending in the USA alone was more than 8 billion dollars last year.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual leadership meeting also discussed about the new short videos or TikTok trend and its YouTube version shorts, whose beta version is being tested in the United States and will be out in a short time. Also, the current beta version of YouTube shorts does not have ads but once the feature is launched, YouTube makers will try monetizing options.

YouTube is also planning on bringing add-on 4K streaming and downloading, as well as offline viewing, and unlimited simultaneous streaming at home screens.

Photo: Sean Gallup / Getty Images

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