Good news for Android users as a new copy and paste email feature has just rolled out on Gmail

Google is always coming up with one thing or another for each app that is developed by the tech giant itself. No one will ever go through a week without hearing about at least one update that Google would have released for that time. This time, the new update is rolling out for everyone’s favorite emailing app, Gmail. Gmail is an email service app developed by Google. The beta version of the app was released o April 1st of 2004 and Google put an end to the testing phase on July 7th of 2009. However, this update is at the moment working out for only a chunk of users and not everyone.

Nowadays what work can’t be achieved through the comfort of our phones? With everyone living such hectic lifestyles, we all look for alternatives for our work to get done through our phones. When it comes to professionals who rely greatly on their emails to do their work or even students who rely on emails for submitting their homework and assignments, sometimes they have to send that one email to multiple people or even during emergency situations when they need to resend someone an email in a short amount of time. Copy pasting and sending an email is what turns out to be the solutions. What if we tell you that Gmail has made that easier now? And that too especially for Android phone users?

Google will soon roll out a feature that will allow Android phone users to copy paste their emails easily through their smart phones. This is for sure to save a whole chunk of the user population a lot of valuable time as apps like Gmail can sometimes be hard to work on through just smart phones. How this feature will work is when composing an Email on an Android phone on Gmail, one would just have to tap on the address bar to get access to the ‘Copy’ and ‘Remove’ options. Previously, it was done by pressing and holding onto the Email address on the address bar and then the user was met with a pop up menu to carry out this action.

This however has only appeared on a specific version of the app and only to some users so it is believed that Google might only be A-B testing this feature. A-B testing is basically an experiment where two or more than two variants of a page are presented to the users and then through that it is determined which variation performs better for the required goal. Android Police was the first one that was able to spot this feature.

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