YouTube for Android Will Soon Have a Looping Feature

The way that people consume media is in a constant state of flux, which basically means that it is changing all the time. Watching videos on YouTube has ended up becoming a really popular way for people to go about spending their time, but the arrival of TikTok has shaken this dynamic up in quite a few ways.

YouTube has therefore had to innovate and come up with new ways in which it can make the most of the user base that it currently has, and while its TikTok knock off has already been released to a relatively mixed response it seems that YouTube is still trying to do more to make sure that things can work out in its favor.

One thing that YouTube is attempting to do right now, as per XDA, is to make it so that its users can play videos on a loop. It’s quite common to find videos that you want to keep playing again and again, but up until this point in time YouTube didn’t really have any kind of a mechanism that you could have ended up using for this sort of thing in any major way.

A new string of code that has been added to the Android app for the platform is going to change all of that. By activating this code you will be able to start playing videos on a loop, and this is the sort of thing that might start the rise of a lot more short form content on the platform. Looped videos were popularized by Vine, so it’s interesting to see how they have managed to become a lot more prominent these days. YouTube’s new feature is definitely going to go over well with users since it will give them better ways to engage with content all in all.

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