YouTube Answers the Most Common Questions It Receives About Its New Feature Shorts

YouTube has created a new feature called Shorts which allows users to post short video clips on their channels and even though the company claims that they have introduced these short videos to make it easier for thousands of people coming to YouTube wanting to create content every year we do know there is an underlying possibility that this feature was introduced because of the fame TikTok has gotten. TikTok allows people to make short video clips in which they can express themselves freely and the application has risen in popularity so fast that it was a possibility that different other applications will come up with a similar feature.

However, the new YouTube feature Shorts have also gained a lot of popularity and with the company increasing the approach of shorts to many more different beta users in the United States, Madison Dewy (YouTube Shorts, Global Content Strategist) outlines how the short feature works in a video, outlining its key features explaining how people can post their short video clips to get them onto the new Shorts feed.

Dewy started off by explaining to creators that what shorts are. Shorts are basically short video clips with a maximum duration of 60 seconds that can be uploaded by following the normal upload standard flow on any of your devices either mobile, laptops, tablets etc. However, there is a separate camera tool specifically designed for Shorts it is not currently available to everyone and therefore you can use the standard upload method. Pro tip is to use the hash tag #Shorts along with it in the description or title to help with discovery.

Dewy also gave an insight on the current tools that are associated with the feature and how they can be used however they are not available for everyone currently and YouTube is looking forward towards expanding it as well. Apart from this the video application is planning on introducing a separate column called “Shorts Shelf” which will act as a library helping users to locate the short video they want to see all in one place.

According to the video that Dewy shared on Creator Insider channel it was also noted that YouTube is changing its notifications for Shorts to only alert subscribers who've expressed interest in your short content when you post a new Shorts upload. This will provide new opportunities for better growth of the new option.

This new feature will provide new and better opportunities for creators and will also help their channels to grow if you use it in the right manner. However, having a balance between shorts and normal videos is important for the growth of your channel. YouTube has managed to provide the best they have to offer always and we know for sure they have a lot of good stuff in store for us in the future too.

Take a look at these two infographics for more insights on how to leverage the YouTube's Shorts.
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