People during the Pandemic; have spent most of their time on the usage of apps like finance, social media, and lifestyle especially led by Generation Z

Most of the people are bound to stay at home so they can’t really plan to go out with their friends and family during the pandemic situation. However, people have found a way to spend their all day by using different types of apps which connect them with their friends. The routine of many people has changed in this scenario; especially Gen Z spends most of their time on mobile apps and on social media. Generation Z are youngsters ranging from 18-23 years who used finance, social media, and lifestyle apps more than ever in a year during the lockdown situation. Recent research by Global Wireless Solutions has found that this Gen Z is dominating many apps categories in usage during the period of a year.

So the kinds of apps which are attracting to most of the youngsters are finance or trading apps as you might come across the advertisements of trading apps that you can earn some money just by investing low amount from home. Now you cannot say that these are genuine apps and all people are earning a huge amount, well, probably not, but yes some people have earned from these apps and the main thing is these trading apps are sponsoring many YouTube content creators so you see their advertisement in almost every video which attracts a lot of youngsters that they can earn a lot just in days. The usage of these finance or trading apps has increased up to 63% in the volume of hours. The usage of these finance apps like Cash app, Robinhood, and FreshEBT have increased by the percentage of 186%, 183%, 152% volume of hours as compared to their usage before the quarantine situation.

The social media category has also seen a rise of 25% led by Gen Z, which means that Gen Z has spent 62 minutes per day on social media apps, TikTok is at the top of the list being used by these youngsters as it has seen a rise of 380%, and 39% rise in average daily minutes. Because people find this app interesting especially its features like duets, etc.

Lifestyle category is at third number with a rise of 19% in volume of hours. However, the usage of food delivery service apps is also used most of the time as these apps has seen about 50% increases. Normally, the average number of minutes spent by all of us on video content per day is 42 minutes, but, Gen Z has also given it a big rise of about a 44% increase as compared to the previous year. People spent most of their time watching YouTube videos, free streaming, Disney, etc.

Gaming culture has increased a lot during the pandemic situation as it saw a huge rise of 15,471% in usage and Roblox has increased its usage by 101% during the year. While people have almost left sports during these pandemic situations as it saw a reduction of about 32% as compared to the prior year.

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