Google Brings Two New Changes In Its Discover Feed

Google is the most widely and profoundly used search engine around the globe and therefore the company is always trying to make its search pages a better and more convenient one for their users by adding new features and bringing useful changes.

Very recently, Google has brought about two new changes to the search engine’s Discover feed, as spotted by 9to5Google. The first one is that the posts on Google’s Discover section will now be getting a more prominent and better layout while the second one is that the sports carousels have been removed for better usability.

Discover section of Google allows brands, organizations and people to posts images, content and other stuff on the discover page in the form of Posts with an image and a little about the content it holds, if the user finds it interesting they can tap on it which will directly lead them to the post on Search without the any hassle. The post card type links were introduced in 2016 and later in 2019 they started appearing on Google Discover for the convenience of users and this year they have been brought with newer changes.

The posts are now getting updated with better visuals and more content to be displayed than it was before. On the top left of the post the brand name appears along with the profile avatar of the said company or organization with a verified shield along with all this. On the bottom of the post the origin is shown as Google claiming that this post is affiliated with Google discover and now you can share and like the post directly from the Discover feed without even opening it.

Apart from all this, the content or text of the posts will now appear before the image displayed in other words on top of the image on the posts which will help in differentiating it from news article and evergreen content and it is a fairly good change.

The second new tweak that has been brought about is sports carousels have been removed so that sports card with matching results are no longer followed by relating stories. Meaning if you open one sports related posts it will not be followed only be posts related to sports rather only one or two posts will appear on the feed related to sports. Though less content is shown but it is for better usability.

It is great that huge tech companies like Google are working towards the betterment of their applications day in and out to provide their users with the best they have to offer and we cannot wait to see what else the company has in store for us.

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