Woman in China ordered an iPhone 12 Pro Max but upon the arrival of the parcel was met with an apple flavored yogurt

We all are aware of the fuzz Apple creates every time whenever they release a new device, especially when it comes to iPhones. Apple launched their iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max for pre order on 16th October and the devices itself went on sale on from 23rd October. The success this device was able to make has made Apple reach the number one position for being the brand having the most number of sales in the last quarter of the year 2020. It even beat Samsung and the reason why this comes as shocking news is that Samsung itself came up with some of the best devices last year.

As usual, one should always be precautious when doing online shopping and that too for mobile phones. You never know which scammer has a trick up their sleeve and they might attack you for their vicious activities. Recently news came on the internet and has gone viral because such a thing was never heard before. No one knows whether this is to be termed as a prank or an actual fraud.

A woman in China ordered an iPhone 12 Pro Max from the official Apple site, and the price for that retails as $1500. She placed her order as usual and waited for her order to arrive, but open receiving her parcel and unboxing it. She expected to see her brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max but was instead met with an apple flavored expensive yogurt! Such a thing has never been heard before and everyone is just as shocked with this news. We can’t even say that such a crime could’ve happened because the order was placed from another site; the news is more unexpected because the iPhone was ordered from Apple’s official site only. Of course everyone’s first guess is that someone might have taken the actual device from the box and then replaced with an apple flavored yogurt. The Express Mail Service that was in charge for delivering this order say that they delivered nothing else but the package directly.

If Apple wishes to get more involved, it can actually solve this mystery as Apple can easily track down the device by the device’s unique serial number. Apple can figure out when the device was activated and from which location, and all of the information can be found just by getting the serial number tracked that can help the police find the culprit responsible for this.

Apple, the police and the Express Mail Service are all looking into this investigation to know what actually happened with the parcel and how come the woman was met with a yogurt box. Let’s just hope the woman actually gets her Apple device because to invest $1500 in a device and only getting a yogurt in return is enough to send someone on lifetime journey of grief!

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