Survey shows Apple is one of the most innovative and consumer-oriented companies

A good brand is the one that sees the situation of the market, assesses all the pros and cons, and also has a deep insight into the needs of its customers. Another important thing to launch much-needed products at the right time in the right way.

Prophet conducted a survey just recently to see which companies fulfill all these above-mentioned roles and are loved by the consumers because of these qualities Amongst top-rated companies like LEGO, KitchenAid, etc., for the sixth time, it was Apple that found a place on the top of the charts.

Prophet further described the survey and how it establishes Apple’s position in the market, making it one of the most consumer-oriented and consumer-friendly brands of all time.

According to this survey, Prophet said that the respondents felt that Apple can do things that are impossible to do!

Some of the recent activities and launches by Apple can be taken for example. When the world was going through a terrible financial and economic shock due to the coronavirus pandemic, Apple was not only amongst the first retailers who closed down their shops, but it also came up with the new launch of the iPhone at a much-lowered price. The new prices were a pleasant surprise for the consumers and this action won their hearts.

Apple also smartly assessed how people needed upgraded computers/laptops etc. as they had to work and study from home for an indefinite period due to the unprecedented circumstances. So, it brought some absolutely amazing changes and upgrades in the Mac books and iPads, and that was also a welcome change for the consumers.

Apple continues to win the hearts of its consumers with its recent privacy policy changes that require all the sites like Facebook etc. to take user’s permission to track their ID for personalized advertisement. This is something that the consumers are really happy about, much to the dismay of Facebook and all the sites and advertisers whose major revenues depended on the personalized advertisement.

For other small and medium-sized businesses, this may not be a good move, but for the consumers, this is great as it gives them the authority to choose who can access their IDFA and who cannot.

Prophet said that Apple always finds a constant balance between evolution and authenticity, and that is an amazingly exceptional feat in itself. As per Prophet, four factors that drive companies to do their best include their consumer-obsession, their pragmatic ruthlessness, their distinctive inspirations, and their pervasive innovations.

Apple ticks all these four factors of relevance and brilliant performance, and that is why it is considered the top-most popular consumer brand.

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