Google has started surfacing YouTube short videos and other short-form video content in Discover

Back in October, Google tested a feature to highlight Instagram and TikTok videos in their own dedicated carousel in the mobile app. Now, Google has started surfacing YouTube content in a short form videos carousel in Google Discover, as spotted by 9to5Google. Google Discover has hundreds of millions of users each month which also shows AMP content on its platform. The carousel of short-form videos is particularly different from the one enhanced mobile page ‘stories’ that were reported in the month of year last year.

Google actually wants to increase the traffic on its developed apps and on its platform. Google had the allegations by the small rival companies a few months ago that this platform is not supporting healthy competition in the market because Google is pre-installing YouTube in the Android devices which is bringing the most of the traffic to its owned apps. Now Google has decided to show YouTube short-form video content on Google Discover which will also bring more than half of the traffic to its platform which would not support a perfect competition in the market. However, cards feature the YouTube logo on the left side, while the title of the short-form videos and YouTube will be shown below.

By clicking, immediately opened the YouTube app and the latest full-screen player which Google is going to launch now where you can like or dislike the video, comment on the video content, and share with other people, and many more including report, and sending feedback of the video. There will be only one control which is the play pause button. By swiping up you can go to the next video and by swiping down you can go back to the previous videos. The first short-form video carousel was shown on Google Discover in the last year were highlighted the Indian TikTok competitor Trell and Google Area 120 Tangi project. This short video had a length of the only a minute.

You will also have the option on Discover that is "don’t show it again" on the overflow menu if you don’t want to see any video. The carousel will show 10 videos at a time, and the YouTube short video content will be appeared up to 15 seconds long videos and will be created by using short camera, this is now available in India. The create menu will let you select music and adjust the speed and recording settings.

YouTube is also encouraging many people to upload the videos up to one minute in the title or description, YouTube will show such videos in special player UI. Google said that the content on Google Discover is receiving an audience of more than 3.5 billion daily around the world.

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