Ever thought about bringing the dead to life? MyHeritage’s new Deepfake Tool has made it possible, you can now convert their photos into unnerving videos

Recently, a Genealogy site MyHeritage has introduced its new tool that is capable of turning photos of the deceased ones into creepy videos. The new feature named as DeepNostalgia makes use of a technology known as D-ID- developed by an Israeli tech firm. MyHeritage believes that the reason behind an animated face is the several drivers working together. Each driver does consist of a video with a sequence of movements and gestures.

The driver gets all the work done - guides the movements in the animation to let you see your loved ones moving while they are dead. This new Tool by MyHeritage is such a blessing that allows us to observe our beloved dead ones smiling, blinking, and doing movements.

While it gives the users a great chance to see their grandparents moving again, some might discourage it because using it to animate someone’s face without their consent might come under unethical practices. MyHeritage says that the DeepNostalgia tool doesn’t encourage people to stop making actionable videos, however, the company has used the recreated voice of reanimated Abraham Lincoln as a promotional video. Not only Abraham Lincoln but reanimated videos of many other historical figures like Queen Victoria, Mark Twain, and Florence Nightingale are offered by MyHeritage as an example of their work.

The online genealogy platform believes that tech gives us a fresh perspective to look at our history with a modern view; by producing a depiction of how would have our ancestors looked like if they would have posed for a video in a certain way.
Everyone is free to use this Tool on the DeepNostalgia webpage. All you have to do is upload or drag-and-drop a picture of your ancestor and to see the results you need to create a MyHeritage account. Some folks have already initiated posting videos of their reanimated ancestors on Twitter and people have mixed opinions. While some were thrilled to see their dead ancestors moving again, and some were emotional too, on the other hand, a proportion of users weren’t satisfied by this new tool and the results they achieved. Maybe they were expecting the videos to be more realistic.

Not only just this tool is disliked for issues and concerns related to creepiness and making videos of folks without their consent, rather there are political issues as well. Back in December, the Channel 4 of the U.K created a deep fake Queen to give warn the public regarding how deep fake technology can be used to spread fake news.

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