Tesla is making a giant battery bank to plug into the Texas power grid that could run up to 20,000 homes

As Tesla Company owned by Elson Musk is involved in making electric cars, therefore, the company has decided to start a gigantic 100MW energy storage project which could stabilize the energy supply in a large domestic area. So, Tesla is quietly building such a large battery in Angleton, Texas which is south of Houston and just north of Lake Jackson that can provide power to 20,000 homes even during the hot summer days where there is more usage of electricity. Devastating blackouts in the month of February left more than a million population of Texas without power and clean drinking water due to which they had to face health issues and energy crises.

The battery will work in such a way that it will charge the energy from the grid when the prices are relatively low and then discharge when the electric system is facing a shortage of power. This provides the energy to jump-start electric generators during a natural disaster so that people don’t deprive off of electricity and clean water. However, workers at the construction site are keeping the machinery and equipment undercover. Public documents also confirm the company’s role in the energy project.

In the midst of storms, Elson Musk criticized the ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas), the non-profit organization that is involved in providing energy to Texas. Elson Musk tweeted that ERCOT is not earning that R. The project will be in commercial operation in the mid of this year and Texas will not have to face such kinds of crises again after the operation of this project. The company is working to provide a 100MW projects in Travis County and two other smaller projects somewhere in the state, so it is good to see the company is thinking about its population not just concerned with making its profit.

Besides the energy project, in the year 2016, Tesla Company got the contract to provide 20 MW of energy to a substation owned by California. Further, the company is making its way to enter the market of India by introducing the Model 3 electric sedan in India possibly as soon as in the mid of this year. The company said that its production cost will be lower than the whole world even in China and will hire local vendors that will reduce the cost of the product. India is also happy with this because India wants to cut down its heavy cost of import and wants to increase the production of electric cars so that the consumption of fuel gets low in the country as prices of petrol rise up every day in the international market.

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